Organic Oils You Need to Know About
published on: 11 August 2019

Organic Oils You Need to Know About

Organic oils for healthy, glowing and radiant skin


Natural skin care can be simple once you understand some basics about carrier oils and skin types. A carrier oil is usually a plant-based oil extracted from a nut or a seed used to moisturize and heal the skin. These oils are a wonderful way to keep your skin looking healthy while protecting it from environmental damage and keeping it hydrated because they give your skin exactly what it needs: healthy oils.

Here’s a quick list of 6 of our favourite carrier oils for healthy radiant skin. 

1. Hempseed oil

Obtained from the Cannabis Sativa plant, hempseed oil is a fast-absorbing, non-greasy oil with amazing skin softening and moisturizing properties that are also perfect for those with oily sensitive skin types. It is the Holy Grail skin treatment oil for all skin types having a comedogenic rating of 0, meaning it will not clog your pores. Due to its concentration of linoleic acid (56%), it reduces redness and inflammation associated with acne breakouts and is a great treatment for eczema, psoriasis, and dry, itchy skin. This oil has really great oil production balancing properties which are certainly what all skin types would benefit from.

2. Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is a light moisturizing oil that absorbs well into the skin. Although it has no linoleic acid concentration, it is the Holy Grail acne treatment for many because it mimics the consistency of our own sebum. There are only two oils (jojoba and meadowfoam seed oil) that contain eicosenoic acid which is an omega 9 with soothing emollient and permeation enhancing properties. Jojoba contains the highest concentration (65-80%) of this essential fatty acid. Most skin types tolerate jojoba well. This oil is more suitable for oily skin types as it helps balance excess oil production preventing breakouts and acne.

2.Rosehip oil

Extracted from the seeds of the musk rose or Rosa moschata, rosehip seed oil contains linoleic acid (44%) and is extremely high in vitamins A and E making it a highly sought after carrier oil for skincare. It is fast absorbing into the skin and has a comedogenic rating of 1 which also means it is unlikely to clog pores. Rosehip oil is one to use for cleansing and moisturizing acne-prone skin. It’s amazing for reversing sun damage, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks and scars. Its high anti-oxidant content improves texture and revitalizes the skin.

3. Grapeseed oil

Just like the name suggests, grapeseed oil is extracted from the seeds of grapes. This is a very light oil that absorbs easily without a greasy residue. It has a high concentration of linoleic acid (63- 73%) and is tolerated by most skin types. It has a very low chance of clogging pores with a comedogenic rating of 1. Grapeseed oil is rich in Vitamin E which helps tighten and moisturize the skin. It reduces inflammation, redness, and accelerates the healing of acne and irritated skin.

4. Kalahari melon seed oil

A wonderful oil for oily acne-prone skin, watermelon seed oil also absorbs quickly without a greasy feel. It has a high concentration of linoleic acid (63%). It dissolves sebum making it a great oil for double cleansing and getting rid of blackheads and other impurities in the skin. Kalahari melon seed oil restores elasticity and does not clog pores making it well tolerated by most skin types.

5. Maracuja oil aka Passion fruit seed oil

Maracuja oil comes from passion fruit seeds and flowers and is a very luxuriant oil. It has a very high concentration of linoleic acid (77%) making it great for acne-prone skin. It is also a good oil to use for dry, itchy skin or inflamed skin. It has a moderately low chance of clogging pores and moisturizes the skin as it easily penetrates deep into the skin while preventing moisture from seeping out. Lastly, it contains carotenoids, which are renowned for its ability to protect from sun damage.



published on: 11 August 2019